Savoury Cheesy Flapjacks recipe

Enjoy these cheesy flapjacks as a great alternative to a sweet snack. They're great in place of a bag of crisps and a lot healthier, too.


150g porridge oats
100g wholemeal flour
100g cheddar or other strong grated cheese
50g mixed seeds
50g melted butter
2 medium eggs
2 tsp. mustard


1. Preheat the oven to 200C/gas mark 6.

2. Line and grease the insides of a 20cm square cake tin.

3. Beat the eggs together and add the butter. Beat the mustard into this.

4. Tip the oats, flour, cheese and seeds into this mixture. Mix together well.

5. Pack down into the cake tin and cook for around 20 minutes or until starting to brown on top.

6. Leave to cool before cutting into squares.


You could add in 50g of cooked red onion to the mixture for even more flavour, or try topping them with some pickle.

Author: Laura Young

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